The new database monitoring function acts on changes in real time

IRI Ripcurrent captures database data and fabric events for replication, incremental masking and alerts

MELBOURNE, Florida., July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Innovative Routines International (, better known as IRI, The CoSort Company, has added real-time database change data capture functionality to its Voracity data management platform. New “IRI Ripcurrent” helpers in the IRI workshop GUI for Voracity monitor MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL database logs for data or schema changes and trigger incremental data replication (refresh), policy-based PII masking, or notification tasks.

According to the IRI engineer Devon Kozenieski“The transactional data stored in every industry is constantly generated and updated. Database tables can be refreshed with new data from applications or events at intervals as frequent as a fraction of a second. have developed Ripcurrent to monitor, move and process database data that changes so that our users can meet these demands in real time.”

How Ripcurrent Works

Ripcurrent integrates with Debezium to track changes to data or structure in MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Oracle database tables, and automatically run the core IRI data processing program TriCL to act on inserted, updated or deleted rows. This interactive system can keep a set of equivalent targets (usually in a lower/test environment) in sync with the source tables and optionally apply field-level consistent transformations (like masking) to the data.

Real-time data replication

Ripcurrent can monitor and react to the insertion, deletion or update of any row in the source database by replicating that data to target tables in another instance of the same relational database or any other database relational data.

Incremental Data Masking

The freshness capacity of the above data can be increased with the classification and masking of sensitive data in transit to file or database targets. When data from the source table is inserted or updated, it is moved and masked in real time to the designated target table. When the data in the source table is deleted, the same row(s) are deleted in the target (different) table.

Database structure change alerts

Ripcurrent also monitors change events involving structural changes in a database schema (like adding a new column to a table) and saves them to a log file. A separate program can then monitor this log file for new events and then issue an alert or take a specified action.

The IRI published a series of related articles in his blog that cover these topics with detailed examples.

About IRI, the CoSort Company

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