Rocket Software Officially Launches Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience

Rocket Software launches Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX: Performance), a free active system monitoring tool for Rocket UniVerse customers with active maintenance contracts.

With today’s MultiValue solutions, it’s often difficult to drill down to the root cause when issues arise, slowing a DBA’s ability to resolve the issue.

MVX: Performance is a system monitoring tool that provides users with in-depth information about Rocket UniVerse.

MVX: Performance is a modern web-based application monitoring tool with a dashboard consisting of three tiles: Events, Sessions and Locks. While third-party performance monitoring apps provide surface-level monitoring, MVX: Performance monitors and escalates over 20 Rocket UniVerse-specific events that could impact performance that are not accessible to external apps.

Additionally, MVX:Performance actively monitors session and lock related issues and provides the ability to drill down into specific process IDs (PIDs) to help identify the root causes of these issues.

“MVX: Performance addresses a performance monitoring requirement that has been at the top of our customers’ wish lists for years. We’ve worked closely with our customers to ensure it meets their needs,” said P. Gary Gregory, president, database and connectivity business unit at Rocket Software. “With this new solution, users can quickly address system slowdown and maximize uptime, which is essential for success in today’s fast-paced business environment.”

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Maria H. Underwood