Provide a decentralized database management system

The importance of data in today’s world cannot be overstated. From innovation and design to marketing and development, businesses and government institutions need data for their daily operations.

However, the ownership, use, storage and management of data is mismanaged in the digital age. Many companies collect, store and use customer data without their consent, leading to data security and online privacy issues.

In mild cases, customers are bombarded with annoying ads, and in worst cases, security breaches lead to data leakage, leaving user information at the mercy of bad actors. This has led to a lack of trust on the part of users, as they fear that companies will misuse their data.

But Inery blockchain has stepped in to solve the data security and online privacy issues plaguing users and businesses. The platform aims to give users complete control over who they share data with while providing high-level security for shared data.

About Inery Blockchain

Inery positions itself as the first layer 0 blockchain that provides a decentralized database management solution. Inery provides a secure and reliable foundation for businesses around the world to effectively manage their data.

The blockchain network was designed to solve the problem of decentralized databases. It integrates key features of blockchain technology, including immutability, security, and decentralization, with distributed database properties.

Inery promises to provide high levels of security and transparency to its customers with its immutable data ownership records, storage optimizations and security enhancements. The network is designed for users looking for efficient performance of their applications without compromising security.

Inery meets the needs of businesses that need user data to thrive, creating common ground for the secure transfer and management of data.

How it works?

Inery is laying the foundation for the future of Web3 to enable value creation by seamlessly connecting to other Layer 1 systems, applications and networks.

The network has its version of smart contracts called value contracts. These value contracts can verify data and automatically implement transactions without the need for intermediaries. These contracts predefine permissions, including data ownership and access.

This ensures that unauthorized entities do not have access to user data, giving users full control over their data and the ability to share it with anyone they want. The cross-chain infrastructure set up by Inery facilitates the fluidity of data flows while maintaining a high level of security.

Unlike traditional database networks, Inery does not have a central server controlled by a single entity. Rather, it eliminates all middlemen and ensures that everyone on the network owns the information while limiting access to unauthorized entities.

The unique blend of data management infrastructure, immutability, security and decentralization applied by Inery gives users the satisfaction of having full control over their data and that it is secure.

Moreover, it mitigates the risk of data breach and theft as it is impossible for hackers to take control of data on a network spread across different parts of the world.

To avoid permanent data loss, Inery Blockchain integrates a free database backup solution to help companies protect their data by reserving database copies.

Features of Inery

Inery Blockchain offers the following features to users:

Inery offers a high level of security for user data. By using top-notch cryptographic mechanisms and encryption systems, Inery ensures that the data cannot be manipulated by anyone.

Inery Blockchain is designed to meet the needs of modern businesses by achieving high throughput and low latency, ensuring transactions are processed at a faster rate.

The Inery network is currently processing over 5000 transactions per second, which is faster than many of the best blockchain networks in the industry.

  • Energy efficiency and low cost

The network uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. This reduces its power consumption compared to proof-of-work (PoW) networks. In addition, Inery offers some of the lowest processing fees on the market.

The INR token

INR is the native utility token of the Inery Blockchain. It secures and feeds the activities carried out on the network. The token can be used to access ecosystem products and services. Users can wager their tokens to earn transaction fees and other wagering rewards.

The token also serves as a governance token, allowing INR holders to vote on certain decisions that dictate the future of the project.


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Maria H. Underwood