Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure

Recently, Microsoft and Oracle introduced the Global Availability (GA) of Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure, an all-new service that allows Microsoft Azure prospects to provision, enter, and monitor tier-tier Oracle database companies. enterprise on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Microsoft and Oracle have partnered since 2019, first providing Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure, enabling a whole host of organizations to use secure and personal interconnects in 11 regions around the world. Now, the two companies have expanded their partnerships with the GA version of Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure, which builds on the core functionality of Oracle Interconnect for Azure and makes it easier for any buyer to combine their workload. in Microsoft Azure with Oracle Database companies on OCI.

Through the Azure portal, prospects can deploy Oracle Database running on OCI with Oracle Database Service. The service makes it easy for Azure prospects to use the service by robotically configuring each desired party to attach two cloud environments and merge Azure Lively Listing identities. Additionally, OCI database logs and metrics are integrated with Azure companies, such as Azure Software Insights and Azure Log Analytics for less hassle administration and Azure Software Insights and Azure Log Analytics.


Jane ZhuSenior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Corporate Operations, Veritas, mentioned in a Microsoft press release:

Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure has simplified the use of a multicloud environment for knowledge analytics. We were able to simply import huge volumes of knowledge hosted by Oracle Exadata Database Service on OCI into the Azure Information Manufacturing facility, where we use Azure Synapse for evaluation.

As good as, Holger MullerPrincipal Analyst and Vice President of Constellation Analysis Inc. advised InfoQ:

It’s worth noting that prospects have gathered adversaries – and now Oracle is even better integrated with Azure… making Oracle practically a first class citizen in Azure – operating Oracle DB from an Azure console. This is how multicloud should be done – for prospects to win. They usually have to win…….

He further mentioned:

Verbally, it’s also Microsoft’s acknowledgment that Oracle DB is better than MS SQL Server, and Oracle’s Microsoft PowerBI is better than Oracle Analytics – at least for some prospects… and Larry J Ellison is right – he is about giving. prospect selections.

Finally, there is no cost for knowledge egress or knowledge ingress when transferring knowledge between Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure, Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure, or OCI and Azure. Customers will only pay for other Azure or Oracle companies they consume, such as Azure Synapse or Oracle Autonomous Database.


Maria H. Underwood