MultiPay Group chooses Percona for database management

RALEIGH, North Carolina–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Perconea leader in open source database software and services, today announced that MultiPay Group, a global payments technology company, has signed with Percona to provide managed services for its open source MySQL database deployments.

MultiPay provides a unique and innovative API that acts as a single point of integration between any payment method and any acquirer. MultiPay currently serves a large number of customers in 24 countries, including Zara and Frasers Group. The company enables large merchants in the retail, hospitality, travel and transportation industries to accept any payment, anywhere, providing greater freedom and flexibility for consumers and tradespeople.

However, the company’s service relies on a solid, reliable and available database infrastructure to operate effectively. MultiPay works with Percona to obtain the best advice, expertise and support available for its database deployments. MultiPay relies on Percona XtraDB Cluster and Percona Monitoring and Management for its operational database and management.

Delia Pedersoli, Chief Operating Officer at MultiPay, said: “Assigning our database management to Percona will allow us to realize increased efficiencies as we continue to develop our technology offering and better serve consumers and merchants with fast and seamless payment experiences. We support global retail customers with their critical payment infrastructure and plan ahead so we can always deliver what our customers need. Percona offers this expert support around the clock to help us ensure that our databases are running at peak performance, and we can rely on Percona’s unbiased approach when considering any future deployments as well.

Martin James, Vice President EMEA at Percona, said: “The The e-commerce market is competitive and customers are not willing to accept poor performance. MultiPay has built a unique offering that is revolutionizing the payment experience for consumers, and their service must deliver. In addition to running Percona XtraDB Cluster for availability, Percona provides 24/7/365 expertise and support to ensure MultiPay’s database performance is aligned with their business goals.

As part of the agreement, Percona will help provide MultiPay with managed services to ensure the necessary high availability of their payment platform as well as support to help them develop their long-term database and strategy. cloud. The agreement will result in greater cost efficiency and easier database management for MultiPay, allowing the company to continue its global expansion and support more customers over time. MultiPay’s decision to use Percona Managed Services helps the company support its complex technical needs and deliver critical customer services.


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Based in London, Milan and now Denmark, MultiPay Global Solutions is a payments technology company that enables major merchants around the world to accept any payment, anywhere. Its all-in-one agnostic payment solution combines a single API that acts as a single point of integration between any payment method and any acquirer. MultiPay’s gateway works across all payment channels across all industries, including retail, hospitality, travel and transportation. Combined with its personalized and tailor-made experience, MultiPay is the single point of contact for all payment requirements and ensures that it provides payment technology and integration that revolves around the bespoke requirements of its customers. For more information on MultiPay Global Solutions, visit

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