Inery introduces cross-chain database management in the Web3 metaverse space

DUBAI, UAE/ACCESSWIRE/March 30, 2022/ Inery recently announced the launch of its Cross-Chain database management in the Web3 metaverse space. Over the past few years, people have seen the emergence of multi-cloud platforms like MongoDB offering database management solutions. People have also witnessed projects attempting decentralized data storage solutions in the blockchain space. However, none of these solutions offer a fully decentralized database management model.

Inery is the very first decentralized database management and blockchain solution that will likely bring a new paradigm for data in the age of Web3. It is a layer 0 blockchain that deals specifically with database management by combining blockchain functionality with current database management architecture.

The need for decentralization in the management of legacy databases

The value of data in the digital landscape continues to grow exponentially. Data management has become as critical as owning data. But the traditional approach of storing data on centralized servers no longer works. Traditional storage-centric data models are siloed, leading to unstructured data, security issues, and a lack of governance over data assets.

Inery paves the way for the web3 economy by allowing users to control their own data. The decentralized nature of the Inery blockchain ensures security against threats posed by malicious actors. Moreover, the data on the Inery blockchain remains immutable and therefore cannot be deleted or modified, thus allowing the integrity of the information.

Database management on IneryDB is on a distributed architecture. In other words, the data is managed on several servers or nodes instead of a centralized server, which reduces the risks of potential hacking.

“I think there are better ways to approach database management than conventional centralized systems, which not only increase costs for users, but also make user data vulnerable. And with Inery, People is building a decentralized solution that enables a new paradigm for data accessibility. The blockchain solution will allow people to issue and control their data assets by providing a more secure and reliable architecture to manage their data,” said Dr. Naveen Singh, CEO of Inery.

IneryDB distinguishes itself from other database management solutions by enabling the use of metadata to extract key value from information.

The use of metadata

In simple terms, metadata refers to the summary of the actual data or document. In other words, it is important information about the data itself. For example, the metadata of a video (document) can contain all relevant information such as date, time, location, owner, etc. They allow a user to capture, search, index and find information from unstructured forms of data.

Inery captures metadata from data, documents, and files that are distributed across multiple nodes instead of a centralized server. This allows the blockchain project to store, access, manage and deliver data on decentralized infrastructure in a secure manner.

Managing Cross-Chain Databases in the Metaverse

Inery’s layer 0 blockchain supports high performance with consensus mechanisms that guarantee a rate of over 5000 tps. Its inherent design framework enables cross-chain interoperability with data transfer in a secure environment. The Inery blockchain, designed to handle database management, supports a wide range of use cases across different industries, including healthcare, aviation, finance, governments, and even the metaverse.

Today’s metaverse applications are hosted on front-end websites. Similar to a centralized infrastructure, developers can pull data and applications. Inery blockchain makes it possible to store metaverse user and application data on its decentralized database management solution. Users are never at risk of losing their information as their data is stored on a decentralized and distributed network.

Moreover, it opens for the first time the possibility of cross-chain data management between different metaverse applications. In other words, a user can transfer data from one metaverse-based application to another as the data is retrieved from IneryDB.

About Inery

Inery is the very first layer 0 blockchain solving the fundamental problem of decentralized database management with the vision to enable a new paradigm for data. IneryDB combines blockchain features such as immutability, security, and user-controlled data assets with distributed database management properties such as low latency and complex queries. The Inery layer-0 blockchain enables cross-chain communication of data, increased speed and security, and an energy-efficient architecture for sustainable development. Inery is laying the foundation for the future of Web3 to enable value creation by seamlessly connecting to other Layer 1 systems, applications and networks.

Inery blockchain deals specifically with database management integrated with blockchain features such as decentralization and security. With the first mover advantage, IneryDB is the only platform offering a fully decentralized database management solution.

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