Imply Polaris Brings Apache Druid Database to the Cloud

Analytics database provider Imply Data Inc. today announced the general availability of its new Polaris cloud database as a service based on open-source Apache Druid technology.

Imply, based in Burlingame, Calif., was founded in 2015 by the creators of the Apache Druid open-source analytics database project to provide commercial support and services. To date, Imply has enabled users to run its database on-premises and in virtual private cloud deployments. With the new Imply Polaris offering, the company provides a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) platform to make it easier for an organization to run and operate database analytics.

Imply Polaris is built on the Apache Druid database and extends it with a new multi-stage query engine to help speed up complex data analysis queries and reports.

“Data streaming has quickly become the heart of modern analytics workflows, and Druid very often sits at the center of these architectures,” said Steve McDowell, analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. “At the same time, the large-scale implementation of Druid is nott always the easiest business. “

Extending Apache Druid with Imply Polaris DBaaS

The Polaris DBaaS is positioned by Imply as the first effort under the company’s Shapeshift project which aims to improve the usability of Druid.

Imply Polaris Cloud Database as a Service includes a multi-stage query engine that aims to speed up data analysis queries.

According to McDowell, Polaris enables IT stores to treat Druid as a fully managed cloud service. He said users benefited because it reduced the need for an architect or IT administrator to go deep into administering and optimizing Druid.

“Polaris allows IT practitioners to leverage the power of Druid without the distraction of having to install, configure and manage the database on an ongoing basis,” McDowell said.

David Wang, VP of Product Marketing at Imply, explained that among the improvements in Imply Polaris is an integrated approach to data ingestion from streaming event data pipelines. Wang said that to enable embedded streaming, Imply uses the confluent cloud background service. Confluent is the leading commercial vendor behind open source Apache Kafka event data streaming technology, and its cloud service provides a managed service for operations.

Multi-step queries improve Apache Druid

Imply Polaris also provides a preview of a new multi-stage query engine for Apache Druid that will enable longer data queries and improved reporting.

Imply co-founder and CEO Fangyin Yang explained that the company’s goal with Polaris is to help unify the different ways data is consumed in the Druid database. Yang said the multi-stage engine can be used to transform and manipulate data for data processing.

He added that long-running queries run in order to generate reports will be more easily enabled with the multi-step query engine. The query engine also provides an alerting capability that can help users track large numbers of objects.

“We created Druid to help power analytics apps where people click buttons to get insights from data,” Yang said. “Polaris is obviously something that aims for simplicity of operations.”

Maria H. Underwood