Download Free Data Quality Components for SSIS

Melissa offers a unique set of global data quality tools for Microsoft’s SQL Server ETL solution to keep your data clean and gain a better understanding of your data health. Our free on-premises Community Edition for SSIS includes the following features:

Address and name analysis – Parse address components and surnames into their correct fields.
Correction by e-mail – Fix illegal characters and misspelled domains.
Phone formatting – Make sure numbers follow proper formatting standards.
Matching (recording limit of 50,000) – Take advantage of Melissa’s rigorous matching capabilities to identify and eliminate duplicates.
Profiling (recording limit of 50,000) – Identify weaknesses in your data quality process and gain insight into the real health of your data.
Widespread cleaner (record limit 100,000) – Use a number of expressions and triggers to quickly fix inconsistencies.

Melissa’s data quality components for SSIS ensure that your customer data is accurate, clean, and standardized. Try the Community Edition for free or request a free trial of our Enterprise Edition to unlock global address, email, and phone verification, plus enhancements like geocoding, IP location, displacement updates, and much more.

Download here

Maria H. Underwood