Dive into database management with this discounted MySQL course

Databases aren’t the sexiest subject, but the majority of modern businesses wouldn’t exist without them, let alone the Internet as we know it. These data stores are essential to how developers set up everything from the smallest WordPress blogs to the software that helps Amazon deliver millions of products every day.

Therefore, if you know how to work with databases, you can find a job almost anywhere. To do this, however, you will need to know one of the oldest and most useful database languages: SQL. When used to interact with a MySQL, there is very little that a competent programmer cannot do with SQL. Now anyone can join its ranks with MySQL and SQL for beginnersan excellent introduction for those who want to work with these powerful tools.

As a language, SQL is fairly simple to learn, and this course makes it even easier by exploring how it directly interacts with one of the world’s most popular databases. Start by actually creating your own databases, then write basic commands that allow you to retrieve and sort the data they contain. Within the first few hours, you will know how to update these databases, add tables and perform queries on all kinds of relational data.

As you progress, you will better understand the triggers and stored procedures that automate your day-to-day database operations and make your eventual job much easier. Even if you end up working with another database platform, the skills you learn in this 18-hour boot camp will allow you to understand the database basics that make your favorite websites possible.

PCMag readers can access MySQL and SQL for beginners136 lessons and exercises for $12.99, which is 93% off the MSRP.

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