Couchbase Accelerates Cloud Database Growth

Welcome to Episode 47 of the Cloud Wars Horizon Minute, featuring news and commentary moderated by Acceleration Economy Analyst Tom Smith. Each episode provides insight into one or more innovation accelerators on Cloud Wars Horizon. This episode details the driving factor behind cloud database provider Couchbase’s strong growth and optimistic outlook.

Strong points

00:51 — Couchbase recently released impressive financial results and an outlook that is the envy of many cloud software companies in a tough economic climate.

01:10 — Tom discusses how some customers are helping to realize these results as well as some product improvements in the Couchbase pipeline to keep the momentum going.

01:25 – Couchbase executives note the company’s success in “landing and expanding”: it has 240 clients delivering over ARR$100,000 and 28 delivering over ARR$1m.

02:00 — A home improvement giant uses the Couchbase server for its main enterprise order management system as well as product master data management. This is mission essential for sure.

02:08 — A leading fast food restaurant now uses Couchbase mobile POS technology for quality customer service.

02:35 — The company is planning Microsoft Azure support and a more developer-friendly UX for its Capella database.

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Maria H. Underwood