Computer scientist uses employers’ financial database to teach them a lesson

A disgruntled computer scientist who was employed by a real estate company hacked into his company’s database servers which contain sensitive financial information.

According to a recent report by Chinese media Beijing Roar, former database administrator Han Bing previously warned his employer, Lianjia, of a selection of vulnerabilities in the company’s online security for its databases. Getting no traction on any of its demands, Bing decided to launch a full-scale attack on four of the company’s servers, specifically targeting servers containing financial information. The attack worked, and Bing wiped out four servers and blocked Lianjia from accessing its own financial system.

As you can probably imagine, an investigation was immediately launched into the online attack, which was eventually narrowed down to five potential people with the appropriate admin credentials. Investigators then cross-referenced server logs, MAC addresses, and IP addresses with CCTV footage and were able to determine that Bing was the culprit. After facing an appeal rejection in court, Bing was sentenced to seven years in prison and a restitution bill of $30,000, or about 200,000 yuan.

Jak Connor

Jak Connor

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