BreastScreen Victoria moves to support Rimini Street for its Oracle database software and frees up resources to meet growing demand for services

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rimini Street, Inc. (Nasdaq: RMNI), a global provider of enterprise software products and services, the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products, and a Salesforce partner, today announced that BreastScreen Victoria, one of Australia’s largest breast cancer screening organisations, has switched to Rimini Street Support for its Oracle Database software. By switching annual support providers, BreastScreen Victoria was able to free up additional capacity within its internal IT team, eliminate the need to spend additional funds on staff development to meet growing service demands, and significantly reduce its annual costs. enterprise software support. As a result, BreastScreen Victoria’s IT team can now focus on more strategic initiatives, including a data center migration project.

Critical government services organization needs ultra-responsive support

BreastScreen Victoria offers free mammograms to eligible women in the state of Victoria, Australia. The organization is funded by the Australian state and federal governments and carried out more than 230,000 breast screenings in the last financial year at its 43 permanent screening clinics and two mobile service units across Victoria. The organization manages its operations centrally, relying on a system largely based on Oracle Database software.

“Our Oracle database is a very stable platform that works incredibly well for us today, and we expect it to continue to work well in the future,” said Georgina Marr, Director of IT Services at BreastScreen Victoria. “We manage all of our IT centrally, with our own software built on our Oracle database platform, which manages the end-to-end operation, from booking screenings to maintaining clinical records.

Because their existing support was not located locally, response times and ticket registration were delayed, forcing their in-house IT staff to resolve issues themselves. Marr wanted to free the IT team from these time-consuming issues and allow them to focus on more useful tasks. This led BreastScreen Victoria to take advantage of the benefits of Rimini Street Support.

“It’s common for an organization’s internal IT team to want to take care of all the issues in their environment, but we wanted to free up our team to help out with more important tasks,” Marr continued. “Financial savings were only one factor in our decision to move to Rimini Street. Through our partnership with Rimini Street, we have been able to focus on higher value work, including large projects to improve our customer service without expanding the team.

Superior and fast support frees up capacity

BreastScreen Victoria, along with all Rimini Street customers, benefit from the company’s flexible, high-end enterprise software support model, including its industry-leading service level agreement of 10-minute response times for all Priority 1 critical cases. All customers are also assigned a lead support engineer with an average of 20 years of experience in the customer’s enterprise software and supported by a team of functional and technical engineers.

“Having a lead support engineer based locally in Australia and available on demand takes a huge load off of us,” said Darren Firth, Director of IT Operations, BreastScreen Victoria. “Rimini Street is an extension of our IT team, with knowledge of our IT environment that allows them to dive into a problem and resolve it immediately. Knowing that their local Oracle database support team is backed by Rimini Street engineers around the world gives us added confidence and peace of mind.

“BreastScreen Victoria provides a vital service to the community, and its Oracle database platform is a core system required for successful large-scale operations,” said Daniel Benad, Group Vice President and Regional General Manager, Oceania, Rimini Street. “We are proud to partner with non-profit organizations such as BreastScreen Victoria to maximize the value of their enterprise software systems, provide our ultra-responsive expert support, and allow them to focus their resources on strategic initiatives that will enable them to provide critical services that better support their communities.”

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