Best Database Design Software of 2021

The best database design software makes it easy and straightforward to build the SQL or NoSQL databases you need.

The best database design software

When you are developing a database, you need a clear idea of ​​how your values ​​will relate. The diagramming tools allow visual editing, not only for the design of new databases, but also for the reverse engineering of imported databases.

Additionally, you should be able to test queries and code execution, to make sure that the values ​​in your data are working as expected and that there is no problem calling and using that data. Reports can provide insight into how your database is functioning and allow you to research ways to improve efficiency.

Whereas previously you had to set up your own server for building and testing, the advent of cloud services and cloud-hosted software means that many database tools now provide an out-of-the-box environment in which you can work on. , making the process simpler and easier.

Many people may already be familiar with simple relational databases such as Microsoft Access. However, there are some useful tools available to help you switch to SQL and NoSQL database formats.

So here are the best database design software tools not only for SQL databases but also for relational databases like NoSQL.


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1.dbForge Studio

Best General Database Design Software

Reasons to buy

+Easy to use+Hot keys and shortcuts+Free version

dbForge Studio is a GUI tool for the development, design and administration of MySQL and MariaDB databases. The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) allows you to work with queries, routines, and object management, to help debug and automate processes. There are also synchronization and comparison tools, allowing with a number of reporting and backup options.

For database development, dbForge Studio makes the process easy to use with snippets accessible using smart tags or hot keys. There are also parameter information checks, as well as syntax checks, and you can just right click to see the object definitions.

Options exist to automate SQL formatting, as well as a wizard to format code in multiple files at the same time. Database diagrams make visual editing easy, and you can create diagrams of any complexity. There are also tools for designing reports and charts, as well as creating and restoring backups, with automated functions available.

dbForge Studio is available in three different license plans, depending on the tools you need. Discounts are available if you pay for a two- or three-year plan, and all paid plans include support and upgrades.


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2. Vertabelo

Ideal for the development of collaborative databases

Reasons to buy

+7 day free trial+Cross-platform support+Collaboration

Vertabelo is an online database design and development tool that also allows collaboration between a team of users. Team members can be assigned different levels of access, such as owner, editor, or reader, these being changed accordingly as needed.

The user interface is clean and presentable, and it’s easy to switch between designs or use visual search. There are also preconfigured zoom settings that you can apply as needed. Model navigation is simplified with a quick navigation component and you can easily find elements in a diagram with just one click. Workflows are made smooth by constant backups, to enable live validation and SQL previews at all times. Old backups can be easily restored and existing models can be easily cloned or exported to an XML file.

Creating SQL files is also very simple, and you can create an SQL script at any time that creates or removes completely or selectively all items in your database. There is also a command tool to import an existing database in order to reverse engineer it.

Three paid plans are available, depending on the number of databases and tables required. A seven-day free trial is available with each plan.


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3. SqlDBM

Best Business SQL Design Platform

Reasons to buy

+Cross-platform compatibility+Collaboration as standard+Free plan

SqlDBM is a cloud-based SQL database modeler, which enables the design and management of databases of all sizes, and comes in a dark or light theme to help with user’s working preferences. It is easy to create objects such as tables, relationships, and indexes, as well as apply rules to them using a diagram. You can also customize your project by showing only table names, keys, descriptions, and other modes.

As with other cloud-based services, new backups are automatically made at frequent times as new file versions. This means it’s easy to view or revert to previous versions if needed, and you can add your own custom labels to backups as needed.

SqlDBM allows for upstream and downstream engineering of MySQL or SQL Server databases, and although there are different pricing plans, all versions allow team collaboration.

There are three main pricing tiers for SqlDBM, with a free tier that allows full functionality, but is limited to an active project with no more than two tables at a time for scripting, as well as only three revisions available.


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4. Aqua Data Studio

Best Relational Database Designer

Reasons to buy

+NoSQL and relational databases+Support for 28 db platforms

Reasons to avoid


Aqua Data Studio provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing, accessing and managing relational databases, including NoSQL and cloud platforms. This allows tabbed documents to be grouped or floated for query windows, and these can then be managed with display selections for orientation modes or styles, as well as the ability to resize or resize. hide panels.

The visual analysis tool makes it easy to use filters and data labels to create information graphics. There is a drag and drop feature to create virtualizations from spreadsheets. These can then be saved in workbooks so that other users and clients can browse the data.

As part of its support for a wide range of major database platforms, Aqua Data Studio also allows you to generate SQL statements and display an execution plan for a query to improve server performance. In addition, a large number of database administration tools are included, including session managers, as well as storage and security tools.

The price depends on the number of licenses required.


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5. MySQL workshop

Best open source SQL database design software

Reasons to buy

+Complete toolbox+Easy design and modeling+Free use

MySQL Workshop provides a full range of database administration tools, including creating, editing or testing MySQL databases.

A visual editor makes it easy to design and model database data, allowing for upstream and downstream engineering as needed. Key features make it easy to manage and document otherwise difficult tasks.

There are also visual tools that can be used to create, run, and optimize database queries, as well as a syntax editor that provides color coding and autocomplete for SQL queries.

MySQL environments can be created to test server performance as well as user access, in addition to data recovery and data audits to ensure that the database should not only run safely, but also remain stable under the expected conditions.

A performance dashboard allows reporting in I / O hotpsots as well as high resource queries, allowing better optimization of the database. A database migration tool also allows importing non-SQL databases and applications, which can convert them to MySQL.

Overall, MySQL Workbench is an integral and essential tool for anyone looking to work with MySQL databases – and it’s free, too.

Maria H. Underwood