Aerospike Distributed NoSQL Database Adds JSON Support • The Register

Distributed NoSQL Database Aerospike has added support for JSON documents to a host of new features included in its Database 6 release.

The key-value database has established its niche by touting high throughput, low latency, and global scalability. It adds document format support in an effort to expand use cases and support Couchbase and MongoDB document database specialists.

Lenley Hensarling, chief product officer, said some customers support up to 13 billion transactions per day on Aerospike. Support for JSON document models, Java programming models, and JSONPath query would help users store, search, and better manage complex datasets and workloads.

“Often, we override off-the-shelf solutions in this space due to their inability to maintain consistent predictable performance as the data scales, but perhaps more importantly, the number of concurrent transactions scales.

Hensarling added: “There starts to be greater variance in latency as one moves through one or more of these vectors. This variance eventually affects SLAs in response times, decision windows and transactions.

“While there are a number of ‘document’ data stores, very few are able to handle the true variation in loads that the internet presents. Aerospike handles this. Now companies don’t need to rewrite their JSON applications. /JSONPath to get that benefit.” he said The register.

Holger Mueller, vice president of Constellation Research, said some companies commonly use Aerospike and a separate document database, such as MongoDB or Couchbase. “If both are needed in a single application, it becomes complicated. So having a database, license and performance to manage leads to simplifications.

“Aerospike has gotten bigger and better: it has an impressive track record of innovation and it has become a multimodal database player while maintaining its high performance,” he said.

However, the business was “still small,” Mueller said. “They will need to deliver on their promise to become a trusted partner to more large companies – this is an important step.”

While Aerospike focuses on low latency – and is used in ad tech and fraud detection – document databases have focused on the type of data users can store.

They didn’t stand still either. Last year, Couchbase released its 7.0 version which offers multi-statement SQL transactions and an approach to creating schema-like structures in the database, allowing it to support multiple applications from the same data.

Aerospike can support SQL – the more or less universal query language. Users must use Aerospike Connect for Presto, which works with Presto/Trino data mesh SQL solutions, to allow SQL to access data from Aerospike clusters. ®

Maria H. Underwood