A no-code solution for building custom database applications

BEVERLY, Mass., June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Altova® (http://www.altova.com) today announced the launch of RecordsManager. A new product based on MobileTogether, RecordsManager provides an abstraction layer that allows developers to use a true no-code approach to building custom database applications for desktop and mobile users.

The explosion of purpose-built applications in recent years has revealed the power of custom applications to improve access to critical data and boost productivity.

However, custom applications can be complicated to create and require specialized developers who are becoming increasingly scarce. RecordsManager speeds up the creation of database-driven applications by removing the need for backend development and manual coding.

“One of the main benefits of using RecordsManager is that app makers don’t have to build the database backend themselves. They just focus on the objects they want to model, and RecordsManager takes care of the rest,” said Alexander Falk, President and CEO of Altova. “It saves a tremendous amount of time and effort and makes it easy for system administrators or developers of any skill level to build effective applications and get them into the hands of users quickly.”

Database applications built in RecordsManager are easy to build but can be sophisticated, with many database tables, lists, forms and reports to meet a wide range of needs. Developers can customize views and tables as well as layout, all with no manual coding required.

Altova RecordsManager offers several advantages:

  • Create any custom database application
  • No coding or database development required
  • Build apps quickly with the visual design interface
  • Provide desktop and laptop access through a native Windows client or web browser
  • Offer native Android and iOS apps for on-the-go users
  • Flexible and easy-to-use form editor for displaying and entering data
  • Flexible data import/export
  • Configure the structure of all components according to your needs – even after data entry
  • Assist users with editing help, track changes, and offline use
  • Templates, pre-filled values ​​and data entry from the data validation guide
  • Granular roles and permissions options to manage user access
  • Built-in reminders and alert groups
  • Target international audiences with English, German, Spanish, French localization
  • Generate data reports with charts
  • Scale easily and affordably
  • On-premises or cloud hosting

For more information, a free trial, and a full list of features, please visit: https://www.altova.com/recordsmanager

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